1338 NW 23rd Ave | Portland, OR

Their website touts: One of the largest spiritual bookstores and resources for conscious living in the US.  Need I say more?! Seriously.  I adore this place for all of the amazing variety of pretty much absolutely everything I need to support my spiritual and magickal practices (they do not have an apothecary though!) - books, crystals, incense, meditation cushions, tarot cards, gifts, tapestries, candles, everything!  They support a really wide variety of traditions too, which feels especially awesome.  If it is going to elevate your consciousness, you are likely to find it here!  And with a wonderfully inviting service team to boot, what's not to love?  My husband and I have sooo much fun at this place.  Oh yeah - they also host classes and events.  Check out their website to see their latest. 


333 SW Taylor St. Unit 150 | Portland, OR

An excellent resource for all of your stone and gem needs.  Amazing selection of minerals and crystals, as well as a beautiful array of jewelry and other lovely gifts.  The people that work here are quite knowledgeable and wonderfully sweet.  I love my visits here!


1829 NE Alberta St | Portland, OR

I don't know if I have ever been in a more aesthetically pleasing spiritual shop.  Seriously.  It just feels so freakin' good to be in this place.  Excellent vibes.  Wonderful staff.  Thoughtful intentions and premise.  Socially and politically conscious.  Woman-owned.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  I always feel so inspired when I go here and always find the most beautiful items.  They carry most of the usual suspects (crystals, tarot cards, books, and other magickal gear) but keep it extremely interesting with a unique and quality selection of additional items that I've never seen before.  And how could I forget?  An unbelievable selection of vintage clothing!!!  Be prepared to spend some time (and resources!) in this establishment.  I can pretty much guarantee that you will find something here that you just can't live without!  And let's not forget - an amazing array of psychics are available to offer tarot and astrology readings (hence their name of course!).  Check out their website to see all of their intriguing and unique profiles.  I love how welcoming this place is, regardless of race, class, gender, spiritual preference - they open their arms wide to us all!  They have an online shop as well!

SHE BOP ~ Woman-owned Sex Toy Boutique

Two locations in PDX - see website

Very exciting to finally have a woman-owned sexy shop to peruse.  This place is super friendly, super clean, super sexy, and extremely comfortable to be in.  They have an amazing assortment of all the toys and fun stuff you can imagine, including books, movies, fantasy gear, and more.  The staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful and just so sex-positive.  They also host an amazing variety of sexy educational classes that cover all sorts of topics such as dirty talk, communication (in and out of the bedroom), boundary setting, oral sex skills, kink, and more.  I've taken many of their classes and thought they were all extremely well-done and I am so grateful for this resource.  Highly recommended!  The classes fill up super fast though, so I highly recommend getting on their mailing list so you can sign up for them as soon as they become available.  Have fun with this one!

POWELL'S BOOKS | The World's Largest Independent Bookstore

1005 W Burnside St | Portland, OR

If you live in Portland, you already know, but I just had to include this in our list.  I adore getting lost in this place, as they have everything you could ever imagine and absolutely everything that you never thought to imagine!  Absolutely awe-inspiring!  And if you're not a local to PDX, not to worry - you can purchase online and they will ship to you.  Awesome!  It is especially important in this day and age to support places such as this, so we don't lose them.  It would be a travesty to lose our bookstores!  And this one is especially special and holds a dear place in the hearts of many.


13750 SE McLoughlin Blvd. | Milwaukie, OR

A recent discovery, this place is definitely a new fav!  Sooo much variety, excellent prices, unbelievably friendly and knowledgable staff, and just an absolute pleasure to spend time at.  In addition to their huge selection of crystals, minerals, gems, and stones, they also have a modest array of magickal supplies, such as candles, incense, resins, and herbs.  They also have an amazing selection of jewelry.  Oh - and even some super cool clothes!  A huge YES to this place!  Thank you Mystery Gallery and all of the people who work there.  Excellent shopping experience - and you can shop online too!

ED'S HOUSE OF GEMS | Everything for the Rockhound

7712 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR

This place is great for bulk items and larger crystal specimens.  Excellent place to purchase larger amounts of stones and crystals to grid your home with or to create crystal healing layouts.  They also have a wonderful selection of fossils and really large rough pieces.  This is not to say that they don't also have a great selection of smaller specialized pieces, because they certainly do.  And the prices are awesome!  They also have some great pendants (I'm wearing a gorgeous Moonstone that my husband purchased for me from there!).  We love this place!  Definitely not woowoo though and not necessarily a 'spiritual' vibe to the place.  If you are looking for that experience, you will do better visiting Psychic Sister or The Mystery Gallery (see above!). 

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