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Protect Your Well-Being

Hello again beautiful people! I was about to say how excited I am to be writing you all again, though I wonder now if I don’t start out all of my posts in such a manner? I kind of think I do – and that is actually a pretty damn good feeling. I really do so enjoy sharing with you all and get so inspired to do so quite often. One might think, based on the number of topics and inspirations I have swirling about my mind, that I would have a ton more posts here. Perhaps one day my inspiration and my posts will be more reflective of each other. That all being said – I really am grateful to be sharing here today. Let's dive right in.

I know the tendency right now is to stay tuned in to the news and keep an eye on the media coverage, but I personally feel that can be quite detrimental to us as it is just constantly feeding ourselves with fear, fear, fear. That takes a very serious toll on our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. So much stress and anxiety deplete our immune system and make us more susceptible to illness. There is a fine balance that needs to be kept here – stay informed, but don’t over-invest your precious time and energy getting lost in all the fear and negativity.

What I am recommending to people is to limit your news intake to under an hour a day – and even go a few days without it (trust me – it will all be there when you get back to it again!).

Anything major that happens will find its way to you through other channels. I have asked a trusted friend (who I know watches the media a fair amount) to alert me if anything serious happens that I need to be made aware of. I asked him this maybe almost four weeks ago and, thus far, he hasn’t contacted me once with anything I absolutely must know. Taking action such as this is helping me to stay healthy and strong – in body, mind, and spirit.

Reaching out and connecting with people can be especially beneficial right now too, so long as we aren’t utilizing our conversations as a way to reinforce our fears. The tendency can often be to get ourselves all worked up with each other, sharing the latest scary headlines we’ve just read. The media thrives on spreading fear, which hooks and paralyzes us and holds our attention, which in turn drives up their ratings. We need to be discerning and discriminating with what we are feeding our minds with right now. We need to think critically and we need to do our research before we start spreading the latest and greatest headlines.

Personally, I am working to take advantage of my discussions with people to highlight positives and to share hope – not to spread or feed fear.

Yes, we need to be cautious and aware – I don’t mean to try to minimize what is happening, but there are many ways we can approach this and relate to it. Just like at any other time, we need to be discerning and practice mindfulness – perhaps now more than ever.

Speaking of spreading hope and positivity, I recently heard that dolphins had returned to the canals in Venice and that just made me so happy. It felt like such a positive message and a sign that our planet was healing itself. I was more than happy to spread the good news and share this juicy piece of positivity with others. It dawned on me yesterday, however, that I really should look into that further to see if there was any validity to that story. A quick and easy internet search told me that, no, dolphins had not returned to the canals in Venice. This was another tasty and tantalizing bit of “fake news,” albeit very inspiring fake news. I so totally wanted to believe this one and was quite excited to share it with others. I’m glad that something inside me said, hey – why don’t you just take a second to double-check that.

The moral of the story – be cautious of any info you are passing on, be it positive or negative or neutral even. Try to do some fact checking, be discerning – if it sounds outrageous and/or too good to be true, double check it. And even if it doesn’t, double check it!

We need to take responsibility for what we are spreading and sharing right now – and that doesn’t just go for the virus, it goes for information, communication, our energy, our hopes, and our fears. I’ve shared before about how hopeful and positive I tend to be, but this isn’t always called for and I both recognize and appreciate that. So I am discerning and thoughtful with my message of hope. Sometimes it is just best to meet people where they are at and refrain from throwing positive vibes in their face. Sometimes people just need to be held in their fear, in their sorrow, in their sadness, in their anger, in their despair, in their frustration, in their loss. All emotions and experiences are valid and real and we need to support each other in that, especially now when things are all so very uncertain and changing rapidly.

So, I am learning here – as we all are.

Feels like every day is a new experience to practice self-reflection, drop down more deeply into my heart, open to more compassion and empathy – for both myself and for others.

This is new territory for all of us! And that calls for a lot of patience with each other as we try to navigate to the best of our ability. I must remind myself of this constantly. This is a powerful time in our history. Let us embrace it and come together in a way like never before for profound healing and deeper connection!

I think I will leave it at that. Again, so lovely to be sharing with you all here. I am so excited to be making the most out of this experience and learning about ways we can continue to support each other, to connect and to deepen our experience. There is so much potential for growth and connection here.

Thank you all for reading and for being here!

Love and light ~ Saidi

From a recent trip to the Portland Japanese Gardens

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