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In my many years dedicated to pursuing, practicing and studying the art of sensuality, in conjunction with following a spiritual path, I have come to learn a great many things about living a human life and inhabiting a female body.  Along with the many possibilities for pleasure and spiritual awakening, there are a great many challenges and sorrows inherent in our human condition.  Though our bodies are wired for sensual and spiritual connection, the systems we have grown up in – the patriarchy, dogmatic religions, and capitalism – have shamed, perverted and distorted our very natural and healthy desires, and our inherent need for spiritual connection.  This corruption has greatly distorted women's experience and has kept us living a very fear-based existence, as opposed to one filled with love, empowerment, and healthy, nourishing connections.  We have inherited and embodied a great many unhealthy belief systems that keep us from living a full, rich, and nourishing life.  Instead of being strong in our sense of self and feeling good about our natural desires and unique personalities, we experience much shame and confusion.  We live in great fear about not getting or having enough, afraid to show and be who we truly are, and are oftentimes completely devoid of true spiritual connection or understanding of ourselves and our place in this Universe – with extremely limited support, especially as women, to even embark on the journey towards our authentic, spiritual selves.  We try desperately to be who we are told to be, maintaining relationships we are supposed to want, performing in jobs, families, and careers that are supposed to be satisfying, and shut off from our spirituality because what has been offered to us and forced upon us are dogmatic belief systems that condemn women specifically for our very existence.  And this has been going on for thousands of years now - the trauma of which has been passed along from generation to generation, an experience known as intergenerational trauma.  Yikes.  It is no wonder we feel cut off, alone, empty, fearful, lost, and wondering what went wrong and what is wrong with us.

Our sensuality and sexual expression is one area of our lives that has been hit especially hard – and this is no accident.  As women and as human beings, our sexuality is an extremely powerful energy and is a huge part of who we are, regardless if we are engaging in sexual activity or not - it is a foundational aspect of our existence.  With this Divine Feminine energy shamed and distorted, we are much easier to control, as we are kept out of our power when we are living in fear of others and in fear of ourselves.  Religion has systematically worked to destroy our powerful sense of selves as a means of controlling the masses.  Capitalism utilizes our sexuality both to sell products and to get us to buy products – always on the lookout for that next best thing that will make us thin and beautiful, more desirable, so we get that satisfaction, that relationship, that thing that will fill the void.  Capitalism also creates huge discrepancies between the haves and the have-nots, so we are left feeling always in a place of fear, lack and scarcity, with a belief that we have to fight each other and struggle to get anything and then defend it at all costs.  The patriarchy has also worked systematically to cut us off from loving each other, creating extremely unhealthy power dynamics, horribly limiting belief systems, and disempowering every single one of us.

I feel extremely passionate about breaking through these limiting belief systems and restoring us to our Divine Feminine power and to our strong sense of self, strong in our sexual expression (whatever that might look like for you, as it is extremely unique and different for each of us, despite what we've been led to believe), our creativity, our vitality, and our union with Spirit, all of which in turn supports healthy, nourishing, empowering relationships with ourselves and with each other.  As these unhealthy beliefs and energies are so embodied in us, even in our DNA via the intergenerational trauma, the most effective way I have found to work with this, through all of my education, spiritual pursuits, and life experience, is through healing the energetic body where we store all of this unhealthy energy.  This gets beyond the story of it all and beyond talk therapy (which can also be supportive at times for sure!) – straight to the heart of the matter.  If you know anything about quantum physics, then you will understand what I am referring to and why this works.  We are made of energy – body, mind, and spirit are all energy, so working at an energetic level just makes sense!  Clearing the trauma, pain, hurt, shame, and distortion from our energy bodies opens us up to an entirely new experience of ourselves, free to be in our truth and in our power.


I tend to be a bit wordy, so will end by saying that if any of this resonates with you and you would like to change the experience you are having of your life at an extremely visceral, deep, powerful level, reach out and let us start the energy healing process.  I am so passionate about supporting Divine Feminine to be in our power, in healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, strong in our sexual expression and creativity, confident in who we are and passionate about living a rich, fulfilling, inspiring life, recognizing the truth of our connection to Source.  Energy healing supports this process in a huge way!

Namaste to you and I do so look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Sending much love and light to you ~ Saidi

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