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For as long as I can remember I have been going against the grain and doing things outside the norm.  Heck, even my birth was unconventional, as my biological mother gave me up for adoption!  Since day one I have been attempting to find my place in this world and find where I belong.  That proved to be a rather painful, fruitless experience as I tried time and again to fit myself into various roles and systems that only proved stifling, repressive, soul-sucking, and inauthentic.  The systems I grew up in – the patriarchy, capitalism, organized religion – all shamed and shunned any natural ways I might want to express myself.  My sensuality and sexuality is a huge part of who I am and that has been deeply perverted by these systems, especially for women.  When our sexuality is shut down, much of the rest of us shuts down as well and our priorities get all out of whack.  Our ability to love and relate with each other gets deeply distorted.  This is what happened for me.  I was born out of a dysfunctional relationship and unhealthy sexual expression, as many of us were to some degree or another.  We carry this with us.  I certainly have.  And it has been a lifetime of finding my way through the dysfunction that I inherited – that we all have inherited – and finding my way to a healthy sensual and sexual expression. 

I have always been a very sensual person and have found a number of interesting ways to express my sensuality, including dancing at gentlemen’s clubs during my younger years and then choosing a career as an escort, both of which allowed me to explore my sexuality without the normal confines inflicted upon us by society and religion – mainly monogamy and marriage.  With those choices though came all sorts of issues, including having to hide what I was doing, fear of judgment, fear of persecution, confusion, shame, stress – basically just not being able to be fully in my power around what I was doing and standing strong in who I am and what matters to me.  I have spent many years moving through all of the societally-imposed shame and stigma surrounding my sexuality as a woman and especially the ways in which I have chosen to express it via my career in the sensual arts – and I have spent many years discovering who I am when I can get down beneath the belief systems that I inherited from the patriarchy, from capitalism, and from organized religion.  Living on the outskirts of society inspired me to learn more about supporting others who also live on the fringes and who society has deemed less desirable – the elderly, the dying, and those who are grieving – and of course, women.  I’ve earned degrees in Gerontology, Social Work, and am just about finished with my master’s in Thanatology – the study of death, dying and bereavement.

Through this all, I have discovered a deep passion and desire to support other women as they journey beyond the patriarchy, beyond our grief and trauma, into a new experience – an experience that is based on love and creativity and connection vs. the experience of shame, fear, and disconnection that we have all been living.  I have been working with spiritual practices to support and heal my energy body for over a decade now and that has brought about profound change and empowerment for me.  I now stand strong in my power and I embrace with joy the fact that I do not “fit in” and I hopefully never will!  It is with this knowledge, this confidence and with my lived experience that I endeavor to support other women on their path towards wholeness and authenticity.  We need to move beyond the stories, beyond the blame and shame, beyond the guilt and trauma – and the best way I have found to do that is through energy healing.  It has the power to cut through and clear trauma and long-held grief.  Our sexuality and our sensual expression has been deeply wounded and distorted, the repercussions of which are beyond fathomable.  I believe there is a way out of our trauma though and am committed to doing my part to support our healing.  I feel so passionate about this healing modality and I am honored to be supporting you on your journey in whatever way I might.

Sending much love and light to you ~ Saidi


  • Associate's degree in Gerontology with the following certificates:

    • End of Life Care certificate

    • Advanced Behavioral and Cognitive Care Certificate

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work

    • with a Minor in Writing

  • Master’s degree (almost!)– three courses from completion as I type this!

  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner training

  • Reiki Master certification

  • Crystal healing practitioner

  • 16+ years in sensual services and erotic arts

  • Spiritual/tantric practitioner for 10 years

  • Annual pilgrimages to India to support and pursue my spiritual path and awakening

  • Completed numerous workshops, courses, and classes to support ongoing education and advancement in sexuality, spirituality, end-of-life care, and social services

  • Studied with Source School of Tantra and International School of Temple Arts

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